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Kids can get bored really quickly during the Christmas break. Here are some kids Christmas ideas for your bug enthusiast to keep them active.

Christmas is upon us, and there is not only the need to find great gifts for the kids but things for them to do over their vacation from school.

So we came up with some kids Christmas ideas for your bug enthusiast

  1. Ant Farm: Yes, we’re not a big fan of introducing ants into your homes, but if your child is into bugs than setting up an ant farm is a pretty cool science experiment.
  2. Butterfly Garden Kit: Similar to the ant farm your kid can set up their very own butterfly garden where caterpillars will morph into butterflies before their very eyes. We like butterflies more than we like ants.
  3. Planting Flowers: We’ve highlighted before some of the plants that are natural to preventing bugs. Get some flower pots (or cups), some seeds and soil and let the kids start doing some planting. Before long they will start to see some plants grow. The plants will then be grown by the time spring rolls around and can be placed in the yard. If you wanted to make it a family project you can build a small greenhouse or larger planting boxes.
  4. Go Animal Watching: The winter months can be a great time to look for wildlife around your yard or into the woods. The trees & bushes have shed their leaves making it easier to spot wildlife in almost all circumstances. Also food is more scarce so they will often be hunting for food constantly. Get a wildlife book and some binoculars and head out into the woods.
  5. Star Gazing: Ok, not really a bug idea for Christmas, we just like this one. That said, the winter months prove to be really great for star gazing. Even if you do not know any of the established constellations you can have the kids create their own. They will love it. If it is too cold to get outside then pull out some flashlights and black construction paper. Punch some holes in the paper and shine the light through the paper to a wall or ceiling in a dark room to create their own constellations that way. You can make up some bug constellations and thrill us completely.
  6. Bug Craft Creations: People love bugs and people love homemade craft items. Do not believe us? Check out Pinterest and you’ve got a plethora of items you can jump into trying. I personally like the dragonfly beaded craft project & the glow in the dark lightning bug water bottle. If you have older kids that can make sellable items then you can get them to make stuff to sell on eBay or Etsy pretty easily. You never know you can birth a budding entrepreneur with this activity.

Keeping kids busy and occupied can be a bit stressful if you do not have any ideas. Once you get kids going on something though they are all in and focused (which means they are not bothering you). We hope this will gives you a few kids Christmas ideas to keep your holiday break happy, fruitful, and non-boring.

7 Kids Christmas Ideas for the Bug Enthusiast in Sevierville TN

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