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Mosquito Learning Center

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Top Mosquito Questions

Is that a mosquito or crane fly buzzing around your backyard? In this category, we’ll explore what mosquitoes look like, what symptoms you might get from a bite, and what attracts mosquitoes to people in the first place. Learn all you need to know about identifying mosquitoes in East Tennessee.

If you are dealing with an onslaught of mosquitoes in your East Tennessee property, you likely want to get rid of them quickly. With so many mosquito treatments and repellents available, how do you know which one works? Find out all you need to know about mosquito treatment with the experts at Johnson.

Mosquitoes are a huge nuisance for homeowners in the spring and summer, making it important to know how to prevent them. We’ve compiled all the best prevention tips and tricks to not only prevent mosquito bites, but to keep mosquitoes away from your outdoor living area for good!