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It’s easy to see why spiders are so feared. These eight-legged arachnids certainly look creepy, but most types of spiders are completely harmless. Nevertheless, no one wants to deal with an excess number of spiders inside their property, especially when it’s a more dangerous species. The spider removal experts at Johnson Pest Control can keep your property spider-free all year long.

FAQs About Spiders

There are many possible reasons for a spider outbreak in your home. These might include:
  • An already established pest infestation
  • Excess clutter or unclean areas
  • Hidden areas with unnoticed moisture buildup
  • Yard waste that has been left out or close to the house

Spiders are always on the hunt for a meal and a good place to retreat to. They will make your house their home if they find areas with lots of clutter or a dusty corner to hide in. Spiders will also stick around if you have a preexisting insect problem.

There are a wide range of spider species in the world, resulting in a great variety of preferred environments. Here in Sevierville TN, spiders can be found spinning webs on plants and trees, inhabiting crawl spaces in our houses, and seeking shelter indoors or in our yards in areas with lots of clutter.

Most types of spiders are timid by nature and will flee instead of biting. People usually only experience a spider bite when a spider accidentally becomes trapped between them and a wall or they try to trap one with their hands.

Spiders eat insects of many sorts. Younger spiders start off small with fruit flies and midges, then graduate to larger ones like bees, wasps, moths, and all kinds of flies. Having an excess of insects on or around your property is the most common reason for an increase in spider sightings.

Spiders make webs to trap insects using a special kind of silk that they create in their abdomen. They use spinning organs called spinnerets to solidify the substance and expel it from their bodies in intricate patterns. Spiderwebs are harmless, but indicate that there are spiders nearby.

It can be easy for some weaker spiders to bite you without your knowledge. Their bites will result in a small raised bump with a red ring around it. In more serious cases, the bite could grow purple and blue or into an open sore. It might also come with stomach cramps, fever, chills, and aches.

Spiders lay hundreds of eggs into woven silk pouches called egg sacs. They are usually around the size of the body of the spider that laid them and are often white in color, but this varies by species. If you find an egg sac, get rid of it quickly before your house is teeming with hundreds of baby spiders.

Spider identification

Are spiders dangerous?

Spider prevention tips

Can't deal with spiders yourself?

Do you need spider removal?

Seeing one or two spiders inside your home or business is no cause for concern. So how do you know when you need the help of a spider exterminator? House spiders are usually not aggressive and will stay out of your way. However, some more dangerous types of spiders live outdoors and may make their way inside—including the black widow and brown recluse spider. If either of these are seen, it’s important to call Johnson for spider extermination.

Spider extermination methodsSpider exterminators at Johnson Pest Control in Sevierville and Knoxville Tennessee

When you use Johnson for spider pest control, our spider exterminators will:

  • Carry out a full property inspection including the yard, attached and detached structures, driveway, and home
  • Identify the type of spider or spiders in the property
  • Remove webs from around and inside your home
  • Seal small entry points if they are contributing to the spider infestation
  • Apply spider removal products in areas with activity
  • Place sticky traps on the interior to monitor activity
  • Provide a full spider removal report describing the pest removal treatment and how you can implement spider pest control to prevent future infestations

Spider control & prevention

While some outdoor spiders may enter buildings through cracks and other openings, others can be carried in on items like plants, furniture, boxes, and firewood. Once inside, spiders often hide in dark and undisturbed areas, and are usually only aggressive if they’re threatened. Some ways to prevent spiders include regularly cleaning your home and inspecting your property for entry points.

Reliable spider exterminators

Whether you’re dealing with a large number of spiders or have spotted a dangerous species, the spider removal experts at Johnson Pest Control can ensure you are protected from these pests. Our spider extermination methods are focused on controlling active infestations as well as preventing any future ones.

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