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Wildlife invasions are something no property owner wants to deal with. Unfortunately, they’re more common than you may want to think here in Eastern Tennessee. Wild animals can be aggressive, which is why removing and controlling them always requires the expertise of a pest control company! As your local wildlife removal experts, Johnson Pest Control has the experience needed to safely and quickly take care of wild animal problems. Whether you need raccoons removed from your roof or help identifying snakes in your yard, our wildlife control team can help.

Common Nuisance Wildlife in Tennessee

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Wildlife control FAQ

When you have a wildlife problem, our wildlife removal team will thoroughly inspect your property. In doing so, we can locate the source of the problem and determine the best way to safely remove the wild animals. This can range from traps to humane capture and relocation of wildlife. In addition, we will implement wildlife exclusion tactics to keep the wildlife from returning.

We remove a number of wild animals in the Eastern Tennessee area, including squirrels, snakes, opossums, raccoons, bats, and birds. It’s important to always enlist the help of a professional for wildlife removal.

The top signs of wildlife in your home include unusual noises, scratching, and squeaking in your walls and attic, rustling sounds coming from beneath your property or deck, and garbage cans turned over. Other signs of wild animals in your property are feces or droppings in areas of your home, gnaw marks on wires or walls, urine stains on ceilings or floors, and foul odors.

As often as possible, we opt to capture and relocate wild animals in a safe manner. This way, there is no harm to the animals or environment. Certain pest problems, like rodents, may require traps. However, our goal is to safely remove wild animals from your property whenever feasible.

Wild animals can cause a lot of damage on your property. Wildlife may chew holes in your roof or walls, tear and chew your insulation, break siding and damage floors, and even chew through wires. When wild animals chew on electric wires there can be a fire hazard. Additional damage wildlife can create includes cleanup from messes caused by nesting, droppings, and urine.

If you have a wildlife infestation that results in property damage, your homeowners insurance policy will often provide coverage both for the property itself and items inside. All policies differ, and many exclude damage from certain pests (like rodents). Check with your insurance provider for more details.

Wildlife exclusion services are the best way to prevent wildlife from returning to your property. Exclusion involves the use of barriers to reduce the risk of animals getting into your property. It also includes covering your vents and chimneys with screens, covering overhangs, keeping a tidy yard, making sure your trash cans are properly sealed, and more.

Nuisance wildlife can be more aggressive than you anticipate. Especially when wild animals are on your property, they can be defensive when they feel threatened by the unknown environment. For the safety of you, your family, and your property, it’s best to always enlist the help of a professional wildlife control company who can safely remove the animals for you.

Wildlife removal services

If you spot a wild animal on your property, it’s best to not approach it. Wildlife can be more aggressive than you may realize, which could endanger you or your family. When you contact the wildlife control team at Johnson, we will take the following steps in our wildlife removal process:
  1. A thorough property inspection to identify the source of the infestation and the animal species
  2. Placement or application of wildlife exclusion methods or traps
  3. Sealing of entry points to control sources of the infestation
  4. A detailed wildlife removal report describing the treatment
  5. Wildlife control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations

TAP® home insulation for wildlife

Home insulation services are a fool-proof way to stay safe from wildlife problems. There are many benefits to TAP pest control insulation, one of which is its ability to prevent and control pest problems in your home or business.

Local wildlife removal experts

No matter what type of wild animal you’re dealing with, it’s always best to call a wildlife control expert such as Johnson Pest Control. In addition to safe local wildlife removal, we specialize in wildlife exclusion services to protect you from invasive animals all year long. We understand the sensitivity of dealing with wildlife in our area, which is why we are your leaders in wildlife control.

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