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TAP® Pest Control Insulation FAQ

We spoke last month about TAP® Insulation, and how the team at can use this pest-killing insulation to defend your home from a variety of potential insect infestations. If you
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A Pest-Free and TAP-Insulated Winter

As we head into the winter season in , the pests in the area start looking for shelter, warmth, and a consistent source of food. You can find all of
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Do Rodents Contaminate Insulation?

Rodents are a common pest issue for residents every year, especially in the winter. If you think you’re hearing the noises of scurrying footsteps coming from your walls or crawl
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The Giant Atlas Moth is Here – Threats and Facts

The average house moth is about half an inch long from wing to wing. They’re mottled grey and brown, and a common pest in attics, closets and wardrobes. You’ve likely
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a mouse peaking out of a hole in the wall

Fall Pests That Can Live in Your Walls

 As the weather gets colder, you may start to notice an increase in insects and other unwelcome creatures in your home. This is a process called overwintering, which is when pests
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A gray squirrel

Common Pests of the Late Summer

Late summer feels like the season when we should finally be left alone by pests, but this is not actually the case. All kinds of critters are capable of taking
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