Do I Have Rats or Mice?

When you have a rodent infestation in your home or business, how do you know if you are dealing with rats or mice? Both of these rodents can cause a
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Rodent Awareness Week 2020: The Surge in Rodents

Have you noticed more rodents this year than ever? There are a few reasons behind this. First, rodents are typically more active this time of year as the weather shifts.
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Asian Lady Beetles in the Fall

Asian ladybugs are commonly mistaken for ladybugs, but these two insects are different! The Asian lady beetle is considered to be a common pest here in Sevierville in the fall.
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How to Prevent the Bugs on the Side of Your Home

Do you notice the same bugs congregating on the side of your Sevierville area home every fall season? You may have a boxelder bug or stink bug problem! Both of
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Why Do Spiders Come Inside in the Fall?

Have you noticed more and more spiders in your home recently? As summer comes to an end and the fall begins, spiders are more likely to be inside your property.
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How to Be Pest-Free in Your Backyard

If you are spending more time in your backyard than ever this year, you’re likely noticing just how many pests are outdoors! Especially in the late summer months here in
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