What Are These Stink Bugs?

Many people here in Eastern Tennessee have come to us asking questions about the amount of stink bugs that they’ve seen around their home over the last few years. They
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How Do Mice Get in Your House?

As autumn kicks into gear, animals of all sorts are starting their preparations for another cold winter. Unfortunately, this means the start of mice infestations in Eastern TN. Every year,
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What Are These Bugs With Pincers?

Have you noticed a strange-looking insect species crawling around your home this fall? Every year, our technicians at Johnson Pest Control hear reports of weird, skinny bugs with pincers on
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Pest Problems? Check For Leaky Pipes!

Dealing with a leaky faucet or plumbing problem is frustrating enough for any homeowner. However, the problem can become double fold when pest infestations ignite due to the excess moisture
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The Dirty Truth on Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites are gross, they’re itchy, they’re bothersome. It’s a generally unpleasant feeling. But what might be worse is the anxiety that pairs with the knowledge of an active
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Gnats vs No-see-ums vs Mosquito Bites—How Do They Differ?

Whether you’re sleeping or awake, inside or out, getting active or just hanging around, the pests are out and biting this summer! Winged insects are some of the hardest to
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