Prevent Summer Pests From Ruining Outdoor Festivities

They may not be on the guest list, but many pests including ants, flies, mosquitoes, and other stinging insects are likely to disrupt outdoor festivities this summer. Pest season is
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Was I Stung By a Bee or a Wasp?

Spending time outside in the summer can lead to a plethora of bug bites. Two of the main culprits are, of course, bees and wasps. Unlike mosquitoes, bees and insects
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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Discovering bug bites of any sort on your skin can be distressing. But how do you know what bit you in the first place? Many bugs will bite sight unseen—meaning
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How to Prevent Fire Ants

Fire ants, often called “red imported fire ants” originate from Brazil but were introduced to the United States around 1940. Since then, they have spread throughout much of the southeast,
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Fire Ants in Tennessee [2021 UPDATE]

If you are getting out into the garden this time of year then you will likely come across some ants. The ants we all know we do not want to
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How Do I Safely Remove Ticks?

Ticks are one of the most common spring and summertime pests in Tennessee. They’re also one of the most dangerous. Ticks are infamous for transmitting a number of diseases, including
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