Is the Joro Spider in Tennessee?

Imagine stepping into your backyard, when suddenly, you spot a giant spider with a large web stretched between your trees. This isn’t your typical garden variety spider; it’s huge, menacing,
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Cicadas 2024: A Natural Spectacle Unfolds in Tennessee

This season, Johnson Pest Control eagerly awaits to guide you through an extraordinary natural event captivating not only Tennessee but also neighboring states. We stand on the brink of experiencing
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Crane Flies vs Mosquitoes: A Case of Mistaken Identity

The onset of late spring leading into summer often invites various insects into our surroundings, some more welcome than others. One common case of mistaken identity occurs when crane flies
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Your Dog’s Guide to a Tick-free Adventure in Tennessee

Are you fed up with the never-ending battle against ticks? Do you want to keep these blood-sucking parasites off your dog permanently? The experts at Johnson Pest Control have you
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TAP® Insulation – How Does It Compare?

When choosing insulation for your home, there are a variety of factors you may consider such as: heat retention, outside noise reduction and installation method. However, Most insulations do little
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DIY Home Mosquito Repellents for Summer

As we approach the warm season in , it’s easy to fantasize about backyard barbeques and long nights on the porch. But the last guests you want invited to the
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