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Cockroaches are a dreaded pest throughout the nation. In addition to being gross, they are difficult to get rid of and can spread bacteria and other dangerous pathogens. Seeing just one cockroach is often a bad sign that there are many more hidden in your property, which is why it’s important to call the cockroach exterminators at Johnson Pest Control right away.


Signs of a cockroach infestation

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Frequently asked questions about cockroaches

There are many possible vulnerabilities in your house that could be allowing cockroaches to make their way inside. These could include:

  1. Cracks and crevices. Roaches feeding on organic material in your yard will often find cracks in your home to crawl through for shelter.
  2. Plumbing fixtures. Oriental cockroaches in particular are known to make their way through cracked pipes to find shelter. This is especially common in multi-family housing complexes.
  3. Groceries. German and brown-banded roaches are often brought into peoples’ homes unknowingly after trips to the grocery store.
  4. Sewers or drains. American cockroaches are known to live in sewer systems in residential areas.

Roaches usually want nothing to do with us, but they will bite in very rare cases. A roach bite usually means that the population is overgrown and in a dire resource drought. Fortunately, their bites aren’t venomous or very painful.

Although many species of cockroaches can fly, this doesn’t extend to all of them. On top of that, the ones that can fly are weak fliers that don’t often capitalize on their skill. One of the most common species in the area, the American cockroach, will glide from a higher elevation to a lower one using its wings, but most often roaches will be found crawling around.

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects that feed on any organic material they can find. They generally prefer sweets, starches, and animal proteins. Roaches are especially attracted to anything that is greasy or fermented. If they are unable to find desirable food inside your home, they will go as far as to eat book bindings, paper, glue, and other dead insects. In short, roaches aren’t picky!

Roach poop might look like specks of pepper, coffee grounds, or dark grains of rice, depending on the size of the cockroaches themselves. There are multiple species of cockroaches active here in Eastern TN, so be sure you’re watching out for anything around this size range. Additionally, if you do find roach poop, make sure to clean it up promptly, as it may be capable of inducing asthma symptoms in people.

How does pest control for roaches work?

Cockroaches are infamously difficult to get rid of without the trained eye of a cockroach exterminator. They’ve been known to live for weeks without resources to survive and can adapt to a number of environments. Getting rid of roaches with DIY methods does not work, which is why it’s best to call the roach exterminators at Johnson as soon as you notice the signs.

Cockroach extermination process
Cockroach exterminators at Johnson Pest Control in Sevierville and Knoxville Tennessee

The cockroach exterminators at Johnson will follow the following steps as part of our full-service removal plan:

  1. Conduct a detailed inspection of your property
  2. Identify the type of cockroach and the severity of the infestation
  3. Discreetly apply bait and other cockroach pest control products in suspected areas of activity
  4. Return to the property for further inspections and cockroach removal treatments as necessary
  5. Create a thorough removal report describing the treatment and providing tips for future roach control efforts

Preventative pest control for roaches

At Johnson, our roach exterminators know it can be distressing to see a cockroach in your property. Our cockroach removal process will not only exterminate any current activity on your property, but also ensure protection against future infestations.

Cockroach exterminators you can trust

For more than 30 years, Johnson has been providing effective cockroach control and solutions to roach problems. Getting rid of these creepy crawlers always requires the assistance of a professional cockroach pest control company, especially because they can carry filth and disease. To learn more about how our cockroach extermination methods can keep you roach-free, call us today!

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