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Everyone deals with ants on their kitchen counters from time to time. So how do you know when you have an ant infestation? When it comes to ants, it’s pretty easy to tell when you need ant control because even seeing a few ants indicates a larger problem. Certain species are more dangerous or destructive than others as well, making it important to know when you have a serious issue on your hands.

No matter what, it’s crucial to enlist the help of an expert ant exterminator such as Johnson Pest Control to provide ant removal before it becomes an infestation!

How to Identify an Ant Infestation

Besides seeing ants themselves, there are a number of signs of an ant infestation. If you see any of the below signs of ants in your home, it’s time to call a professional ant exterminator:

  • Ant trails: Many ants leave a scent trail to food sources that help other colony members locate the food. Seeing a pathway of ants is a major sign you have an infestation.
  • Nests: Although often hidden away from view, ant nests look like piles of soil or dirt.
  • Wood shavings: Carpenter ants will leave piles of wood shavings from their destructive habits.
  • Piles of dirt: Outside, ants will leave small piles of dirt around their nests.

The Danger of Ant Problems

Although not as dangerous as some pests, ants are known to carry and transmit bacteria. Certain species, such as the pharaoh ant, have been proven to spread salmonella, streptococcus, and other dangerous organisms. Some ants have been known to bite or sting as well, although they rarely have any serious side effects. Carpenter ants are the most feared ant due to their ability to destroy the wooden structures they inhabit. No matter what type of ant you’re dealing with, if you’re seeing signs of an ant infestation, it’s best to get professional help from an ant extermination company.

Ant Exterminator Inspections

Although you may be tempted to ignore the trail of ants in your home in hopes they’ll disappear, it’s smart to enlist the help of a professional ant exterminator before the problem becomes worse. The experts at Johnson Pest Control have been treating ant infestations since 1984 and can be trusted to not only control ants but keep them from coming back. For ant control and removal, you can rely on, contact the Johnson team today!

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Signs of an Ant Infestation in Sevierville TN

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