When the iPhone started picking up market share they had this advert that went something like “There’s an app for that”. Fast forward a handful of years and truly there is an app for just about everything. So why not an app that helps repel mosquitoes.

Essentially all these apps work with the same method of producing high pitched frequencies in order to fend off the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes generally bite around dusk and dawn hours (their feeding times). It is always the female mosquito that bites you because they do not actually feed on your blood, it is a protein in blood that they need for breeding.

So check out a few of these mosquito repelling apps during those peak times and see if they work to keep these little blood suckers away from you and your family.

Anti Mosquito : the Sonic Mosquito Repeller

This mosquito app boasts that it can work on other insects as well. The application uses a ‘very unique high frequency sound (ultra sound) that the insects dislike’. No they do go on to mention that there are some 3500 known species of mosquito so using this does not guarantee you won’t get bit, but for the price of free, any help is good help.

Screen shot of a mosquito repellant app - keep mosquitoes away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

Anti Mosquito Lamp

The anti mosquito lamp app throws a bit more into the equation than just the sonic frequency of the mosquito app line. It also has a graphic light bulb that is supposed to scare away mosquitoes. The reviews of this one are pretty funny where one person says it didn’t work and the mosquito in his room actually started to do push-ups on the phone to show off. Others mentioned headaches after leaving on all night. Other people seemed to think it worked alright. For free if it helps then it is worth a try.

screen shot of a mosquito repellant app - keep mosquitoes away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

Anti-Mosquito 3.1

For $.99 you hope that you get a whole lot more with your anti-mosquito app. Enter in the Anti-Mosquito 3.1 app which boasts the ‘kid safe’ mode where the frequency will not harm your children’s hearing. There is also a timer for your app so you can set how long you want the app to be working. It does need to be in sleep mode to promote the best performance, but it can play music at the same time as the high pitched frequency to keep off the mosquitoes. So if you wanted to have a dance party on the back porch and not get bitten (or hope not to get bitten) go with the 3.1 app.

Screne shot of anti mosquito app - keep mosquitoes away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

Mosquito Away

Mosquito Away gives you a bit of entertainment with your mosquito app. They have a little game you can squash the mosquitoes while keeping them away. Unlike other frequency apps they say that you can actually hear this sound so you want to turn the volume down low and it will still do the trick. There is the ability to adjust the frequency if you like as well. Reviews are mixed with either lots of positives or ‘I donated blood today’. At the moment it is free so grab it while you can and test run it.. Or just have fun squashing mosquitoes on your phone and your arm.

screenshot of a mosquito repellant app - keep mosquitoes away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

There are also tons of anti mosquito apps in the android marketplace.

Do these mosquito apps work? In theory the science behind them is quite solid. The execution of them might be a bit off at times. Certainly they should not be considered your only method for keeping away the mosquitoes. Repellents are still a solid solution and yard inspections and treatments can go a long way to keeping the family bite free.


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