Bug bug awareness week logo - keep pests away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TNApparently there is a week (or day/month) for just about everything. This week is Bed Bug Awareness week. Seriously. No joke, it is bed bug awareness week.

Suppose that Bed Bug Awareness Week isn’t as crazy as “Pig in a Blanket Day” (yes, that is this week as well).

So we thought we’d comb around the internet to find some solid resources as well as some funny/gross (depends on your level of bug love or hate) things as well.

Johnson Pest Control on Bed Bugs

We cover bed bugs quite a bit on this site.

Bed Bugs

This is a great short video by National Geographic that gives you a quick dose of information on the bed bug.

Bed Bug Facts

Need a quick list of facts about bed bugs. PestWorld provides a bed bug facts sheet that covers many of the main facts and tips with these blood suckers.

Bed Bug TV

Of course if there is a Bed Bug Awareness Week then there has to be a TV show. Makes total sense right? Maybe not. Jeff, who is a friend, has an ongoing web video series on bed bug solutions, information, and general topics. Recent releases that you might have helpful are his videos on college issues (which can be a hotbed for bed bugs, no pun intended) as well as a DIY bug monitor.


Not to be outdone, PestWorld has their own youtube series to check out. Cool part of many of these videos is that they are educational and kid friendly. The Pest Quest series is part of PestWorldForKids.org efforts. You can find more straight forward videos on things like ‘signs for bed bugs‘ as well on this channel.

All Things Bed Bugs

PestWorld has grouped together on this page all things they have as well as recent news links to anything associated with bed bugs. Now this might be a bit overload for the casual bed bug awareness week observer. But for those of us hard-core BBAW fans it’s a treasure.


We’ve mentioned BedBugRegistry.com many times before. It’s a handy little database for those traveling or renters that around the country (and a bit of Canada) on instances of bed bugs. It is not telling you that you need to avoid each and every place mentioned. It is more to help us be aware of problems, opportunity to ask good questions, and choose places that deal with the problems they have.

Bed Bug Infestation

Here’s a bit of an ‘anatomy of infestation’ that can happen if bed bugs are ignored or not picked up on early enough. The article is provided by our National Pest Management Assoc. website PestWorld.


In what might actually be an overdose of bed bug information you can check out the Twitter stream associated with bed bug awareness week. You have a number of local, national and maybe even global institutions throwing out factoids about bed bugs all week.

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