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Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems. With our new PROTECT+ System, bed bug infestations are no match for our services. This new system consists of a tiered service model designed to protect your property even after treatments have concluded. This brand-new approach allows for a rapid response and resolution for bed bug problems that takes just hours instead of days or weeks.

The PROTECT+ program is especially suited for keeping your business safe from infestations so you can maintain your reputation and reduce disruption to your daily routine.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs With PROTECT+

Traditional bed bug programs involve many steps that can lengthen the process of getting rid of bed bugs in your property. This can be especially difficult for businesses that are most negatively affected by infestations, such as the hotel and hospitality industry. The PROTECT+ System, on the other hand, is built to reduce disruption to your business and prevent revenue loss by ensuring long-lasting protection against bed bugs. Our new system uses a proprietary mix of targeted service protocols, precise applications, and customized products to not only control active bed bug problems but also prevent future infestations.

Comprehensive Bed Bug Coverage For Businesses

Just as every property is unique, every bed bug infestation is unique. We offer three packaged levels of protection against bed bugs to ensure everyone is matched with the right program. Here’s the rundown on our three levels of protection against bed bugs:

  1. Protect+ Essential. This level is our rapid response, one-time service option to treat rooms with bed bugs. We offer a 4-hour post-treatment turnaround time and a 30-day warranty.
  2. Protect+ Extended. Along with the benefits provided by our Essential package, Protect+ Extended has the option to add activated boxspring liners for beds. These provide ongoing protection against bed bugs by killing pests on contact for up to two years. An extended 90-day warranty is also available for non-healthcare facilities (which are covered for 60 days).
  3. Protect+ Premium. Our most elite package offers the best protection against bed bugs. Along with all the benefits included in our other packages, Protect+ Premium includes an overnight rental inspection to identify all units with activity. We will also include an initial preventative precision treatment to non-infested units. Our Premium package offers extended warranty options.

Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs With Our PROTECT+ System

Bed bug problems in your property can lead to loss of income, negative ratings, and more. When not treated properly, an infestation can be costly and ruin your reputation. That’s where our PROTECT+ System can help. Designed with our clients’ needs in mind, our bed bug packages will provide you with peace of mind. Contact Johnson Pest Control today to learn how PROTECT+ can keep you safe from bed bugs year-round.

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PROTECT+ System for Bed Bugs in Sevierville TN

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