Bed Bug Pictures - Life Cycle of a Bed Bug
The bed bug life cycle is constant and you might see all stages of bed bugs in your home. The smaller nymph stages can be hard to notice unless specifically inspecting for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem in our area. With the travel industry here in the Smoky Mountains we have the potential for people to bring these “hitch hikers” into our area and hitch a ride to our home through varied means of contact.

But what does a bed bug look like? And how to spot them?

Check Out These Bed Bug Pictures To Help Identify Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Pillow

Mature bed bugs can be found on bed mattresses, box springs and crevasses in and around an infested room. These mature bed bugs are the easiest to spot with their flat, round and reddish color. The presence of feces and blood spots can also be an indicator.

Bed Bug Pictures - Johnson Pest ControlThis is a picture of a male and female bed bug, respectively from left to right. The males have the sharper edges to their bodies, whereas the females are more rounded. Honestly you probably do not care about whether they are male or female cause either one creeps you out. They both creep us out.

Bed Bug Pictures - Johnson Pest Control

This is a close up shot of a bed bug. You can see their rounded frame. You can also pick up on their flat body type as well. This helps them hide in small crevasses around your home.

Bed Bug Videos

Perhaps one of these bed bug videos will help you in identifying if you have bed bugs in your home. This one from National Geographic shows a single bed bug in action. Generally you would have more than a single bed bug active in a home. They also present it as if bed bugs come in from outside through cracks in your home to get to you. What we’ve found is that they attach to you, your clothing or luggage when you are traveling or visiting a place that has an infestation. This is why we stress being cautious about bed bugs while traveling, at college or in others homes.

In this video you see an extreme case of bed bug infestation. When things become this bad it is generally due to some neglect by the homeowner or occupant. The reasons for that neglect can be varied. In this video you can see the feces and various stages of bed bugs active on the mattress. We only highlight this video because of the close ups of the various signs of bed bugs (plus the bugs themselves). This video does not even begin to tap into the various places bed bugs hide (box springs, electrical outlets, drapery, etc.) which would all need treatments.

We do not suggest you use your vacuum for removal of bed bugs. They may not be on your bed after vacuuming but they will be living in your vacuum cleaner and then can be transplanted throughout other areas of your home. This creates a much bigger problem to deal with.

The process of getting rid of bed bugs is extensive and thorough. The only way to ensure getting rid of bed bugs is through a rigorous . We use a combination of heat treatments, steam, chemical and vacuuming to kill off bed bugs.

Bed Bug Pictures in Sevierville TN

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