How to remove a bee nest with Johnson Pest Control in Sevierville and Knoxville Tennessee.

Bees are known to be beneficial insects and play a crucial role in our ecosystem. If their nests are in non-residential areas, they don’t harm anyone. However, nests are often built in areas that become hazardous for people nearby and have to be removed.

Because some species of wasps and hornets are aggressive—especially if their nest is threatened—it’s crucial to use a professional for nest removal. The team at Johnson Pest Control has the experience needed to safely remove bee, wasp, or hornet nests from your property!

When is Wasp or Hornet Nest Removal Necessary?

Bee, wasp, and hornet nests should simply be avoided at all costs. Even if a nest appears to be empty in the wintertime, there could still be a threat of lingering stinging insects. Some species are more aggressive than others, and there’s simply no telling when they may feel compelled to chase after people. If a nest is on or near a property, it should be removed by a professional bee and hornet exterminator.

How to Identify a Wasp Nest

Wasp nest identification pictures in Sevierville TN - Johnson Pest Control

Are Wasps More Aggressive in the Fall?

Although it may seem odd, wasps are known to get more aggressive in the late summer and fall. As summer comes to an end, yellowjackets start to outgrow their nests. With their resources diminishing, they begin to expand their search for food and become more aggressive in doing so. They will seek out sugary substances as well as protein, which is why they target outdoor picnics and parties. Nests in public areas at this time can be even more of a threat.

Safe Bee Hive Removal Services

The bottom line, nest removal should always be done by a professional who has the experience needed to safely deal with bees. When you call the team at Johnson for nest removal, we will do a thorough inspection to identify the nest and stinging insect species. From there, we can remove the nest on the same day or return at a time that will be safer for the process.

If you deal with continual nests on or near your property, you can trust the experts at Johnson will return to ensure bee or wasp removal. If you’re concerned about bees or other stinging insects around your house, call us today for more information!

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