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Cockroaches are some of the most feared pests living in East Tennessee. Although they aren’t the most dangerous insects living in the region, they are certainly some of the most disgusting and persistent. A cockroach infestation can be quite difficult to find the source of and even more difficult to put a stop to. If you believe the pests in your home are cockroaches, you’ll want to be sure, because a few regional pests are easily confused for roaches and the protocol to control them is different. To learn more about bugs that look like roaches, read on for advice from Johnson Pest Control!

What You Need to Know About Roaches

The most common species of cockroach living in Eastern TN is the German cockroach. They are usually around half an inch in length, have six legs, wings (that they don’t use, although some other cockroach species fly), and different shades of brown arranged in lines along their backs.

Cockroaches are often found in warm, humid areas. They love to live under our kitchen sinks and in our bathrooms, especially when there is active leakage.

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Are you wondering whether or not the bugs you’ve found in your home are cockroaches? Here is a list of differences between roaches and other similar bugs found in Eastern TN:

  1. Cockroach vs Water Bug: Many types of bugs are misnamed as water bugs, even some species of cockroaches, but true water bugs live in the water, which roaches cannot do. They can grow to be as long as four inches and are more likely to bite.
  2. Cockroach vs Palmetto Bug: Palmetto bugs are actually certain species of cockroaches that got their names from hiding under palmetto leaves. American cockroaches are often called palmetto bugs—they grow up to three inches long and have a set of lighter browns that blend into a darker shade down the center of their backs.
  3. Cockroach vs Beetle: With hundreds of thousands of beetles in the world, it makes sense that some are confused with cockroaches. Ground beetles and June bugs can look a lot like roaches, but you can tell apart roaches by their longer legs and antennae.
  4. Cockroach vs Bed Bug: Bed bugs are much smaller than cockroaches, at their largest only reaching about half the size of the smallest cockroach. They have rounded, reddish-brown bodies and don’t live in moist areas, but in beds, upholstery, and similarly-textured places.
  5. Cockroach vs Cricket: Crickets can be told apart from roaches by their more cylindrical bodies and their large rear legs. Roaches are also much more likely to be inside your home.

Pest Control for Roaches and More

Whether you have roaches or some similar-looking bugs, you can count on your local pest control company to help you get rid of them. At Johnson Pest Control, our team of licensed, certified pest control technicians use decades of experience to assess infestations and deal with them efficiently. For a free quote or to learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!

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