So if you are planning some travel in the coming weeks, or maybe in the summer. You might want to prep yourself for some really unique foods that you could experience in your travels.

But, hopefully you wouldn’t get so unique that you’d need to figure out how to cook termites. Though, apparently they are quite tasty.

A plate of cooked insects

Yahoo Travel news found some of “The Weirdest Foods in the World”.

“When I was in Mexico City with Afar Experiences, I got the chance to eat ants, crickets, and beetles at Mercado de la Merced, Mexico City. And I would eat them again in a second! They were good: salty and crunchy. kind of like sunflower seeds. I had always wanted to try food like that, especially now that bugs are being talked about as an increasingly important food source, but I guess I’d never had the opportunity. It was definitely easier to go to the market with a guide, Lesley Tellez, who knew where to find this stuff (the market was gargantuan, I never would’ve made it through there on my own) and who could hold our hands a little, explaining what the stuff was, and taking us to a vendor who didn’t mind a bunch of gringos making funny faces as we tried everything.” — Jeremy Saum, executive editor

“I lived with a family in Kenya in a rural village just north of Lake Victoria. I was teaching English and Biology at the local school and my family took care of preparing most of my meals. EVERY DAY for at least two meals we ate the same corn porridge (ugali) and greens (sakuma wiki), so when the opportunity to try roasted and salted termites was offered, I jumped. They were crunchy, nutty, and—most importantly—different!” —Jordan Robbins, corporate & donor relations development officer, Learning AFAR

So what has been some of the weirdest stuff you have eaten? Do you think you would eat termites, ants, caterpillars, grubs, etc.? I am not sure I could bring myself to doing that, but as the one correspondent, Jordan, mentioned if there wasn’t much to be eating I might jump at the chance for something new, even if it is probably gross. It is all protein isn’t it. Why not?

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