I hope it isn’t just us, but we find this commercial a bit creepy.

Regardless though it’s a practice we all could benefit from. Invasive pests & animals that are introduce to a new environment where they have no natural predators. If a pest or animal does not have a natural predator then they have the possibility of multiplying exponentially and destroying a natural habitat.

hungry pestsIt might seem silly but being cautious about not transporting pests from one habitat to another is great way to help preserve the environment. But before you go outside for the weekend, remember not to take or bring back any hungry pests.

Here are ways to help prevent moving Hungry Pests

  • Don’t move untreated firewood from one place to another, as invasive pests could be hidden inside.
  • Wash outdoor gear, and tires and wheel wells free of dirt and insects/eggs before going on and leaving from fishing, hunting or camping trips.
  • Clean lawn furniture and other outdoor items before moving them to another location.
  • Don’t bring fresh fruits, vegetables or plants out of quarantined areas unless agricultural inspectors have cleared them beforehand.
  • If crossing the border, declare all produce, plants and plant-based items to customs officials.

You can find out more about invasive species of pests by visiting Hungry Pests dot com.

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