Common Water Snake


Actual Size: 3–5 feet

Characteristics: Heavy-bodied snakes with a large head. Showcases a variety of colors but many have bands of brown, black, and dark green colors.


  • Non-venomous snakes that prefer to live in or near water.
  • Often confused for cottonmouth snakes (also known as water moccasin snakes), which are extremely dangerous.
  • Females are larger and longer than males.

Common Water Snakes in Eastern Tennessee

As their name implies, water snakes can be found living happily near any source of water, including rivers, lakes, and marshes. One of the most interesting characteristics of the water snake is the fact that their scales are keeled, meaning they have a raised ridge along the center. Like many other snakes, water snakes are often mistaken for cottonmouth snakes.

Common Water Snake Behaviors

When not in the water, these snakes love to bask in the sun. They are known to be somewhat aggressive and do not like to be handled or even approached. In some cases, water snakes will climb trees and rest on branches above the water. Although they are typically solitary, they tend to gather with other snakes before and after the hibernation period. Their diet includes fish, frogs, salamanders, and even toads, and swallow their prey while they’re still alive.

Common Water Snake Control & Prevention

Attempting to remove snakes from your property without the help of professionals can be a very costly mistake. Of course, one of the biggest dangers is that the snake will be venomous, and you or someone else could be bitten during the process. Even in Georgia and Tennessee, venomous snakes are fairly rare, but they are present and a pest control expert will be able to correctly identify the species and implement the correct trapping and removal techniques.

There are additional problems that could arise even if you do successfully trap and remove the snake. The appearance of one snake on your property could be a sign that you have a nest elsewhere. The snake removal specialists at Johnson Pest Control can find and eliminate the larger snake problem.

After addressing any existing snake problems within your residential or commercial property, our pest control team will help you to prevent future snake problems. This includes identifying and sealing any areas around your building where snakes could enter and create a nest. We will also provide you with tips that will make your surrounding property less attractive to snakes and other common pests.