closeup of a huntsman spider - keep spiders away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TNThere are some seriously scary bugs out there. Bugs that I personally would like to not see in my lifetime. It had us thinking the other day of the bugs that scared us as kids. So here is our Johnson Pest Control Scary Kid Bug List.

  1. Hornets: Bees are one type of scary, hornets are a whole other type of scary. Hornets have those sharp edges to them and a look that screams attitude. If you ever got stung by a hornet as a kid there sting even feels like it comes in with an attitude. But nothing is a intimidating as these hornets.
  2. Centipedes: It doesn’t matter what type of centipede you came across a little slithering creature with a massive amount of legs can really freak you out as a kid. Once you realize that they are relatively harmless then they become oddly fun to trap and mess with. Glad the giant centipedes are no where to be found in Sevierville. Eeek!!
  3. Spiders, Any Spiders: It didn’t matter what spider you would run across as a kid seeing a spider can freak you out. Those brightly colored garden spiders you run across would spin together a unique web of fascination and fear. Nothing can keep you up at night more than knowledge of some giant spiders. Luckily, none are found here in East Tennessee.
  4. Leeches: Slugs are pretty gross little creatures, but they don’t attach themselves to your skin and start sucking your blood. Much like the guys from “Stand by Me” how freaky is it to have gross slimy creatures take the life from you. Oh and they just sneak up on you. But who knews they could be so aggressive in coming after you.

Those are some of the bugs that scare us. Hopefully this Halloween you do not cross paths with any of them. We certainly hope not to see any of them on our front door step, or in our dreams.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Johnson Pest Control!

Scary Bugs that Freaked Us Out As Kids,.. Still Do in Sevierville TN

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