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As with all pests, the best form of bed bug control is prevention. By learning how bed bug infestations begin in the first place and implementing preventative measures, you can effectively lessen the risk of getting them. Even the cleanest homes can be infested if proper care isn’t taken.

Usually, infestations begin when the tiny bugs are brought indoors on used furniture or luggage. By being extra cautious about what is carried inside your property and by always being on the lookout for the signs, you can prevent a bed bug infestation!

How Did Bed Bugs Get Inside?

Bed bugs spread easily and rapidly once indoors. Most reports of bed bug infestations are traced back to having been brought indoors on infested used furniture or after traveling. Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in the last decade from traveling alone, which is why it’s important to take extra caution after a trip. Bed bugs are known to infest items beyond your mattress, including power outlets and bed frames.

Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are a pain, and avoiding dealing with them requires the knowledge of how to avoid them! A few ways you can stay bed bug-free include:

  • Know what you’re looking for. These insects leave behind dark fecal spots on mattresses and upholstery, along with pale-yellow shell casings and their white, sticky eggs. Bits from the bugs are usually red, itchy, and appear in rows or zigzags.
  • Be wary of used items: Transporting used goods into your home is an easy way to get bed bugs. Always thoroughly check any used items before bringing them in the home.
  • Protect your mattress: A mattress cover that can withstand tears or holes will be extremely helpful in keeping bed bugs out.
  • Be cautious while traveling: Infestations infamously begin when the bugs are brought home from a trip after visiting an infested hotel.

Help from Bed Bug Experts

Even if you’ve done all you can to prevent bed bugs, these resilient pests may still find their way inside. Bed bugs are excellent hiders and can spread at rapid rates, making it all the more important to call a professional bed bug exterminator as soon as you suspect an infestation. The experts at Johnson Pest Control is committed to providing exceptional bed bug control services with our thorough inspections and highly effective treatments.

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Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Home in Sevierville TN

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