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With back to school time here again and the sales tax holiday this weekend many of us will be doing our back to school shopping. As bed bugs continue to make a resurgence they have been known to show up in many places, including clothing stores. Be sure to follow these tips while shopping to reduce the chance that you bring bed bugs home with you.

    • When trying on clothing, be aware of any stains that seem unusual. These could be telltale blood spots left by feeding bed bugs.
    • Inspect clothing carefully before purchasing. Even if you choose an item from an undisturbed pile, bed bugs could still find their way onto clothing. Pay particular attention to the inside seams, looking for any signs of sticky white eggs, shed skins and the bugs themselves. Notify the store manager immediately if you suspect the clothing displays signs of bed bugs.
    • Check behind dressing room mirrors and any other crevices where bed bugs could hide – even wall sockets – before trying on clothing.
    • Hang your clothes on hooks, rather than lay them across cushioned seats in dressing rooms or on the carpeted floor as these are safe and popular havens for bed bugs.
    • Keep clothing in the store bag, tied and sealed if possible for the trip home. Shake articles out outside before bringing them into the house/apartment.
    • Immediately launder the clothing in hot water or steam/dry clean delicate items.
    • If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest professional for an immediate inspection.

For more information on bed bug treatment and control or if you expect an infestation contact Johnson Pest Control at 865-453-7587.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips For Shoppers in Sevierville TN

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