A rat chewing on a wire is one of the many dangers of rodents. Johnson Pest Control can protect you from rodents in Sevierville TN.If you own a home or a business in Tennessee, the last thing you want to deal with is a rodent infestation. In addition to simply being gross, rats and mice can cause property damage and spread disease. Some of the most infamous diseases that have been tied back to rats and mice include salmonella and hantavirus, among others. Rodents can cause a lot of destruction and create a hazardous environment inside your property, making it important to always work with a rodent exterminator who can protect you from the many dangers of rodents.

What Types of Diseases Are Spread by Rodents?

Diseases associated with rodents can be transmitted directly through human contact or indirectly through infested fleas and ticks. The main rat-borne diseases to remember include:

  • Hantavirus
    • Most often found in the urine and feces of deer mice, hantavirus can cause symptoms from fever and chills to aches in pains. In serious cases, it can lead to kidney failure or worse.
  • Salmonella
    • The bacteria spread by rats and mice can track onto food. The most infamous bacteria is of course salmonella, known as food poisoning.
  • Lyme Disease
    • This is of course transmitted by ticks, which are often carried by rats and mice. This disease is dangerous and can have long-term effects on health.
  • Plague
    • Historically, the bubonic plague was caused by infected fleas that were carried by rats and mice. Even though this was centuries ago, the same disease can still be spread today.

Property Damage from Rats & Mice

One of the most commonly known facts about rats is the fact that rats possess incisors that never stop growing. This causes them to chew on anything and everything, including the wires inside your home. Needless to say, this can be extremely dangerous and create a fire hazard. Additionally, rats and mice will tear through a number of materials to create nests. Rats are also known to cut through tough materials, endangering the very structure of your property.

How to Prevent Rodent Damage

To avoid dealing with the many dangers of rodents, it’s recommended to work with a professional rodent exterminator. At Johnson Pest Control, our team will work with you to customize a rodent control plan suited to the unique needs of your property. We guarantee our services will keep you, your family, and your Sevierville TN home or business protected from rats and mice all year long!

Dangerous Diseases & Damage from Rodents in Sevierville TN

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