Spring is almost here. The warm weather brings blue skies, longer days, and – unfortunately – plenty of pests. That’s why now is the time to look around your home and yard and think about the measuresa gloved hand holding a basket of cleaning supplies and precautions you can take to be pest-free*. Typical springtime pests that would be unwelcome guests are ants, spiders, wasps, crickets, beetles, mites, and bees. So how can you keep them from invading your space? 

The following is a list of things to do, not only for spring cleaning, but at any point in the year.

Clean and Inspect Kitchen 

Anywhere there is food or water you are likely to attract various pests. They could hibernate in colder seasons under your sink or in your cabinets. 

Some preventative inspection can be done that includes: 

  • Keep food stored in tightly sealed containers or refrigerators. Clean floors and countertops of food debris on an ongoing basis.
  • Seal holes under or around cabinets, and other potential entry points
  • Check pipes for leaks. 

Clean Pantry 

Did you stock up on flour, sugar or cake mixes for the holiday season? Check the expiration date and consider transferring dry goods to airtight, sealed containers of plastic, metal or glass. This can help keep pests at bay. 

Dry goods can harbor insects from the grocery store, so always check packages for tears or holes before bringing home. 

Declutter Closets 

Warmer weather means you no longer have a use for the heavy coats and thick sweaters of the previous season. Take advantage of this opportunity, and this is a great time to declutter. When your closet is overstuffed, it can attract pests like spiders who are looking for a home. Instead of providing shelter for insects in your closet, provide comfort to families in need by donating clothes you either don’t like, or don’t fit in anymore.

Once decluttering you can get in there and vacuum all the dark corners and get rid of any hiding pests.

Declutter and Clean Attic 

Mice like to make their nests in warm and dry places, like the average attic in East Tennessee. The best way to prevent this is to seal any holes leading to outside. It’s important to be thorough in your efforts, as mice can enter through a hole the size of a dime. 

Once again you can take this opportunity to donate what you don’t use, and keep the rest stored in sealed crates as opposed to cardboard boxes. When you do this it’ll not only eliminate clutter, but it’ll keep your stored items pest-free* as well.

Examine Your Homes Exterior 

Any opening along the exterior of your home can be a potential entry point for pests. This includes cracks and holes in your foundation or siding, as well as any faults around the frame of your windows. Even a seemingly insignificant hole can be big enough to invite ants, the main spring and summertime pest in East Tennessee, so keeping your exterior sealed cannot be stressed enough. 

The most proactive thing you can do to prevent infestations in the home is to eliminate the causes that are attracting them to begin with. But what attracts insects and other pests to the home?

Dark cluttered places are near-ideal hiding places for spiders, ants, cockroaches and rodents. So by minimizing clutter, you can discourage pests from taking up residence by taking away their hideouts. 

Another method you can do is to keep your home clear of any standing water. This includes pools and lakes, as well as birdbaths and even overturned buckets. Remember, all it takes for mosquitoes to breed is a body of water the size of a small puddle. 

Trim Shrubs and Cut Back Trees 

Anything touching the ground and the exterior of your property could be used as bridges to gain access to your house. So make sure to keep shrubs trimmed and trees cut back. Keep your lawn mowed and weeds down. And make sure not to let piles of yard trimmings or brush accumulate, as these both easily become a perfect place for pests to hide. 

Trash Cans 

Make sure your trash can lids are tight fitting and using trash bags adds an extra layer of pest prevention and control.

Remove Firewood away from your home 

Stacks of firewood provides food and shelter for a variety of pests in spring and summer. That’s why we suggest keeping your firewood positioned above the ground and at least 30 feet away from the exterior of your home. Only take what you plan on burning at once, and make sure not to spread pesticides on any kindling you aim to throw into a fire. 

Johnson Pest Control for Springtime Pest Control

There is no shortage of tips on how to prevent pests in East Tennessee. But whether you’re a home or business owner, you deserve service that’ll cover you through rain or shine. No matter the season, you can trust that the team at Johnson Pest Control can handle your pest control needs. From ants on the counter to a bees nest in the eaves, we have over 40 years of experience in keeping the streets of our city pest free. Want to know more? Contact us today!

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