How to Get Rid of FleasI just noticed the other day that my dogs have started scratching. They are doing that scratching that can only mean one thing, fleas. So how to get rid of fleas so they stay gone?

Generally it is not that difficult.

Unfortunately fleas can be a tough battle for many of us in East Tennessee. When we live so close to wildlife, fleas (and ticks) can come right into our back yards quite easily. So often times we might be fighting that proverbial “uphill battle”.

How To Get Rid of Fleas

  1. The first strategy for getting rid of fleas is to keep your yard and home clean. Mowing your yard regularly, cleaning up leaves, dirt piles, etc. Keeping your yard in top shape will help keep the flea population at a minimum.
  2. Similarly, keeping your home clean will keep the fleas from infesting in your house. Vacuum constantly and wash pet beds often. If a pet sleeps on your bed then wash the sheets as much as you can. A single flea is not a huge ordeal, it is when that flea is left unchecked in order to procreate that you will find yourself with some bigger infestation problems. Dump out your vacuum bags immediately after so that the fleas don’t linger in your home.
  3. A good pro-tip is to put a pet flea collar in your vacuum bag or cylinder. This will help to kill off any fleas you clean up.
  4. Check out your crawl space. If you have cats, or know you have a rodent friendly yard you want to make sure you do not have anything decomposing underneath the house. Fleas will attach to that carcass and then start to move into the house. Sounds gross, yes, and it is entirely true.
  5. If you do live close to the woods and know that wildlife frequents your yard then consider getting a professional yard treatment. This can help to ensure that fleas do not make a habit of calling your yard home. If you have a very large yard then consider treating just a fenced in area that the pets play in.

It is not hard to get rid of fleas, but you do need to keep at it. Fleas will sneak into your home in a quick minute. If left untreated they can become a real infestation that can add up the costs of extermination quickly. Beyond that, you will appreciate having a clean house and a content pet.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Sevierville TN

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