We hope that you are not out and about ready to stick your hands into a fire ant hill. Though, if you wonder what disturbing a colony and enduring a swarm of fire ant bites would be like? Well, this guy has your answer, and you can safely watch from your computer.

A cluster of fire ants on an ant mound - keep ants away form your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN
Fire ants protect their colony with ferocious aggression. If you disturb them (or a family pet or child does) you can expect bites from all sides. If you find yourself in a situation like this the prudent thing is to remove yourself and brush off the fire ants as quickly as possible. This might entail removing clothing, shoes & socks might be obvious, but pants may not and the ants might get underneath your pants and bite your legs. After sustaining bites you will want to treat bitten areas with anti-itch salves and refrain from scratching the bites as much as possible.

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