Your home does not need to be a welcoming place for mosquitoes. With some awareness and a few tips, you can prevent mosquito breeding grounds around the house and live a life bite free.

Preventing mosquito breeding grounds around the house infographic - keep pests away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

Preventing Mosquitoes Breeding Grounds Around the House

  1. Gutters – Remove leaves and other debris
  2. Flowerpots – Pour out stagnant water from flowerpots and planters (outdoor fire pits as well)
  3. Grill Cover – Make sure water is not gathering on top of the grill cover (especially if folded and laying on the ground).
  4. Baby Pool – Do not let water sit in baby pools for long periods of time.
  5. Birdbath – Frequently change out the water in birdbaths
  6. Leaky Pipes – Repair any leaky pipes or faucets (they can cause pooling on the ground).
  7. Tires – Drill holes in the bottom of tire swings and wheel barrels to allow water to drain (or keep wheel barrels upside down during storage).
  8. Trash Cans – Ensure trash cans are tightly sealed and lids aren’t flipped upside down.
  9. Buckets – Remove water collecting in buckets (or just store in a dry spot).
  10. Ponds – Keep swimming pools and ponds adequately treated (same can go for creeks where the water levels drop enough where water can become stagnant).

If you would like some professional help in getting rid of mosquitoes around your home give us a call at Johnson Pest Control. We would be thrilled to help you identify potential hazards and treat your yard for mosquitoes.

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