Spring Bugs 2016

What can you expect from the spring and summer bug population here in East Tennessee? Well, here’s a handy little infographic to give you something to talk about at the company water cooler.

Southeast US Spring and Summer Bugs Prediction

Our winter season was much warmer and generally more precipitous than our normal. This combination will throw off our normal spring and summer bug experiences.

We have strong breeding grounds for mosquitoes with the close of spring and the beginning of summer. It is prudent to be on the watch for standing water and other breeding areas for the mosquito. A cold winter will kill off a good chunk of the population, a milder winter will allow that population of mosquitoes to continue to live and then add to their ranks to built a blood sucking empire.

Termites love to thrive in moist environments. This is my we stress keeping the house clean and drive (especially underneath the home). Termite swarms will soon become prevalent.

Spring and Summer Bugs in Sevierville TN

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