It’s Winter: Defend Your Home With Mouse Traps

Mouse Traps in Knoxville, TN Mouse Control

As Game of Thrones fans would say, “winter is coming.” This also means that the rodents are coming. They are searching for ways to enter your home. Did you know rats can enter your home through doorways, walls, pipes and yes, even through your TOILET! What can you do if you have a few mice or rodents make it into your home? You have two options: you can put mouse traps all over your home or you can call Johnson Pest Control.

How Many Mouse Traps?

However many rodent traps you think you need, you will need more. If you want to catch them all, you need to put double what you think you need in order to catch them. The population is usually much larger than you think that it is and will therefore require many more mouse traps. If you think that you have an infestation that is larger that you initially thought, Johnson Pest Control in Knoxville, TN provides free rodent inspections

Where to Place Your Mouse Traps

Place your mouse traps in areas of high activity. This might include your kitchen, basement and attic. Places that have rodent feces are a good choice and most likely will give you the best results. It would be in your best interest to also put some rodent traps in corners and near walls where you have spotted activity. Place your traps perpendicular to the wall with the snap almost touching the wall. This will most likely catch any mice that are trying to scurry along the wall.

The Difference Between Mouse Traps and Rat Traps

Mice are generally a lot smaller than rats. You will need different traps depending on what you have in your home. Mouse traps are usually not large enough to take down a rat. Therefore, make sure you are buying the right traps for what you are trying to catch. If you are not sure, you can compare the size of the feces.

House Mouse: ¼” in length

Roof Rat: ½” in length

Norway Rat: 3/4” in length

Johnson Pest Control

If all this seems like a little bit much for you to handle on your own, remember that we are ready to handle any infestations that you have. Again, if you believe that you have an infestation that is out of control, we do FREE INSPECTIONS. Sometimes you can’t do your own pest control and you have to call in the big guns. Not only is Johnson Pest Control in Knoxville, TN, experienced with bed bugs and termites but we are also experienced with large rat and mice infestations.

We will get the job done for you. Like we like to say, “Dead Rodents, Happy Customers.”

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