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There’s a reason why termites are considered to be the most destructive pest. In homes all across the country, termites cause extensive damage. In fact, they infest more than 5 million homes every year and cause nearly 5 billion dollars in damages. Once they’ve infested a home, they work 24 hours a day as they tunnel through wood, drywall, and other cellulose-rich items.

The most dangerous thing about termites is the fact that their presence can go unnoticed for so long, which is when their damage begins to appear. When it comes to termites, a professional termite exterminator is always necessary to get rid of them!

Will termites hurt you?

As destructive termites are to homes, they do not pose a direct threat to humans and are not known to bite. Unlike other types of pests, they do not carry or transmit diseases. Although rare, there have been reports of people suffering from asthma attacks inside infested structures due to the irritating particles and dust created by their wood-boring activities. For the most part, though, termites will try to avoid contact with humans altogether in favor of tunneling through wooden structures.

7 ways to prevent termites

As with all pests, the best form of termite control is prevention! A few of the ways you can lessen the risk of getting termites include:

  • Removing dead trees or stumps in the front, back, or side yards
  • Stacking firewood away from the home
  • Making sure the downspouts from the gutters direct all water a good distance away from the foundation
  • Ensuring any landscaping or mulch that is not within 6 inches of the home’s foundation
  • Repairing all plumbing leaks to avoid excess moisture
  • Repairing any exterior structural damage
  • Avoiding any direct ground-to-wood contact, especially around decks and porches

How to exterminate termites

Bottom line: Detecting and controlling termites always requires the help of a termite control expert. Because termites are such a difficult pest to get rid of, DIY or all-natural methods simply do not work to exterminate them. If you’ve noticed the signs of termites in your property, or are looking to get annual inspections, call the termite exterminators at Johnson Pest Control!

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When to Call a Termite Exterminator in Sevierville TN

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