Termite Facts and Termite Prevention Tips for Eastern TN - Johnson Pest ControlAs it continues to warm up here in Eastern TN, many of us are letting out sighs of relief over the passing of winter. However, it’s not all sunshine on the other end. Come springtime, the most destructive pest in the entire country comes swarming again: the subterranean termite. In order to protect your home from serious damage, it’s important to learn all that you can about the ways that these insects move and what you can do to keep them out. Read on to learn all about termites from the termite exterminators at Johnson Pest Control!

What To Know About Termites In Eastern TN

If you’ve never dealt with Eastern subterranean termites before, it’s hard to conceptualize just how sneaky they are. Their colonies are separated by castes, or specific classes of termites hardwired for different functions, and every caste but one is programmed to remain under the ground or inside wooden structures at all times. The only ones that aren’t are called swarmers or reproductives—these are darker-colored, winged termites whose purpose it is to spread toward new homes and food sources.

When subterranean termites settle down on your property, they will build their nests underneath the soil and dig tunnels called mud tubes toward your home, entering from underneath. Seeing these tubes pop up at the surface of your yard is a sure sign of termite troubles to come.

Termite Prevention Tips

Because moisture, and particularly water-damaged wood, aids the invasion process of subterranean termites, it’s important to work to reduce excess moisture and waterlogged wood, among other things. Here’s our best advice for preventing termites in your home:

  1. Cover, elevate, and distance your firewood from your home
  2. Refrain from using mulch near your home’s foundation
  3. Ensure that your drainage systems are in working order
  4. Inspect your home for plumbing leaks causing moisture buildup
  5. Check that there aren’t any cracks or gaps leading from the outside of your home indoors

Professional Termite Extermination Services in Eastern TN

If you’re seeing swarmers or discarded swarmer wings on your property and are worried about the possibility of a termite infestation, reach out to your local termite exterminators. At Johnson Pest Control, our team is dedicated to a holistic approach, helping you to identify all termite damage and all active termites, then removing them from your properly with safe and effective techniques. Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about our termite control measures!

Termite Facts and Termite Prevention Tips in Sevierville TN

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