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Bed bugs are increasingly becoming more and more a part of our lives. They sneak into your homes via clothes, luggage, furniture, and more. The notion of having a bug that feeds on you at night can cause a person a serious psychological toll.

But what actually happens when bed bug bites you at night? Do we need to be as paranoid as we feel we should about bed bug bites?

Bed Bug Bites Facts

  1. The bedbug bites will happen at night. Only in extreme cases of infestation or erratic feeding patterns (example: infested room is not used on a regular basis) are bedbugs known to feed during the daytime.
  2. Bedbug bites will appear as small bumps/welts or a rash on your skin. Often bites will be in a semblance of a line that could correspond with clothing lines. Bed bugs are not going to crawl all over your body for no reason at all, they are looking for an accessible spot to draw blood.
  3. Bed bugs will inject an anticoagulant so that they can draw blood from a host, but they are not known to transmit any bacteria or disease that harms humans.
  4. Bed bug bites will generally cause some itching pain, redness, and some swelling at their bite marks. In smaller infestation cases this can often be dismissed because the symptoms are not very severe. A hydrocortizone creame is often used as treatment (similar to many other bug bites).
  5. In some cases humans can be allergic to the bed bug bite which can make for more severe reactions to the bed bug bites.
  6. Only in the last year have researchers been drawing possible connections between the bed bug bite and Chagas disease. Chagas disease is a serious disease causing harm to the heart and central nervous system. In clinical studies they have been able to moved the disease from hosts to the bed bug to new unifected hosts. Chagas has generally been known to be transmitted by the feces of a bloodsucking parasite, versus the actual bite. The research still needs determination whether the transfer of the disease can happen outside of clinical trials.

If you suspect bed bugs in your home do not hesitate to contact an experienced pest extermination professional to treat your home. The longer an infestation is allowed to persist the more harm it can be to you and your family as well as the cost to remediate.

The Dirty Truth on Bed Bug Bites in Sevierville TN

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