A mosquito on the water in Eastern TN - Johnson Pest ControlWhether you’re sleeping or awake, inside or out, getting active or just hanging around, the pests are out and biting this summer! Winged insects are some of the hardest to avoid when it comes to biting because they can attack us from all angles. We’ve heard a lot about no-see-ums, gnats, and mosquitoes being a nuisance this season, so we’re here with some advice from our Johnson Pest Control technicians on how to identify these pests and their bites.

Gnats vs No-see-ums vs Mosquitoes: Identification

These three pests are some of the most irritating insects found in Eastern TN. Although you’ve probably encountered all of them before, they can be hard to tell apart, especially from further away. Here are some features that you can use to identify them:

  1. Gnats: Gnats are a type of fly with bodies ranging from gray to black in color. They move in swarms of thousands during the spring and summer.
  2. No-see-ums: These insects are actually a certain kind of gnat. They are very small—at only 1/16” in length, they can infiltrate our homes through even the smallest gaps in walls and screens.
  3. Mosquitoes: Much bigger than the other two, mosquitoes are the most easily identifiable of the bunch. They have a needle-like proboscis, upward-slanting wings, and a hunched back.

Telling Apart Bug Bites

Learning how to identify bugs around your home based on the symptoms of the bites that you experience is another quick way to determine the best pest control approach you should take. Mosquito bites, gnat bites, and no-see-um bites vary in these ways:

  • Gnat bites: Gnat bites are small, dark red, and rough-looking. They last for a week or more depending on how much they are scratched.
  • No-see-um bites: These bites look very similar to gnat bites, of course, but are more likely to be clustered together and in more uncommon areas, like your face.
  • Mosquito bites: Mosquito bites are smoother and lighter in color. They start as a raised white welt and flatten out as they darken to a pinkish-red in a few days. They are most common on areas of exposed skin, like your arms and legs.

In summary, these bites can be told apart by their color, their location, and the length of their effects.

Keeping Safe from Bug Bites in Eastern TN

Using EPA-approved bug sprays using up to 20% DEET can work well to avoid insect bites here in Eastern TN. However, sometimes these products fail to do the trick, especially if you have a continual problem around your home. In this case, you can rely on your local pest control company to help you get rid of any pests on your property! For a free quote or more information from the experts at Johnson Pest Control, contact us today!

Gnats vs No-see-ums vs Mosquito Bites — How Do They Differ? in Sevierville TN

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