Clothes moth on fabric in Sevierville TN home - Johnson Pest ControlOne of the most common household pests that many people don’t talk about is the clothes moth. These pests can cause homeowners quite a bit of distress, especially when they destroy garments and fabrics in your wardrobe. Because these pests seemingly come out of nowhere, it’s important to learn how you can prevent them—and keep your clothing intact! Thankfully, a few simple pest prevention techniques go a long way in preventing not just clothes moths, but other moths and insects and pests as well. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know with the experts at Johnson Pest Control!

What Are Clothes Moths?

It is rare to spot clothes moths due to the fact that they avoid light. Nonetheless, it’s important to learn how to identify them and the damage they cause. Clothes moths are only about ½-inch in length and are beige or light gray in color. The easiest way to identify these pests is, unfortunately, by noticing the damage done to your clothing. Unlike pantry moths (which feast on foods in your pantry), clothes moths crave natural fibers found in clothing, drapes, curtains, carpet, bedding, and more. When feasting on these fibers (silks, cotton, wools, etc.), they can create tiny holes that will quickly become noticeable.

How to Prevent Clothes Moths

Needless to say, the last thing you want to deal with is a closet full of damaged clothing from these tiny insects. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help prevent clothes moths:

  1. Keep a clean and tidy wardrobe. A crowded closet can be more susceptible to clothes moths as it’s harder to spot the damage. Regularly washing clothes—even ones that you may not be wearing at the moment—prevents moths that are more attracted to dirty, dusty fabrics. When introducing new items to your wardrobe, especially secondhand items, always inspect for moths.
  2. Try mothballs and traps. This traditional deterrent has been used for decades to deter moths in your closet. If the smell of typical mothballs displeases you, try making your own using fragrant essential oils like rosemary, clove, lavender, or citronella. While not always successful, sticky pheromone traps will confuse male moths and prevent them from breeding.
  3. Commit to good housekeeping practices. In general, keeping a clean environment inside your property is your number one defense against a pest infestation. Regularly cleaning or vacuuming your rooms and closets will eliminate the conditions that attract clothes moths and other pests in the first place.

Need Help Getting Rid of Clothes Moths?

If you’re unsure about the presence of clothes moths in your home or need assistance getting rid of them, the experts at Johnson Pest Control can help. We know how distressing pests in your home can be and work hard to eliminate the conditions that attract them in the first place.

Contact our experts today to get started!

Tips to Get Rid of Clothes Moths in Sevierville TN

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