Bed Bug Pictures - Life Cycle of a Bed Bug
The bed bug life cycle is constant and you might see all stages of bed bugs in your home. The smaller nymph stages can be hard to notice unless specifically inspecting for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are a serious pest problem these days. But what are the bed bug signs to let you know that you might have a bedbug problem?

1. You See A Bed Bug: If you see a bed bug then it is likely that there are more than just that one bug. So you will want to take action to contact an experienced bed bug removal pest control company. Bed bugs have a life cycle as do all bugs, so you might notice the smaller bed bug nymphs. You can always test your suspicions by placing some bed bug monitors around your bed.

2. Bites At Night: Bedbugs bites often only cause harm when a person is allergic to them, however, you may still be able to notice some welts. If you notice consistent, pimple sized, bumps on your skin then maybe you have something to be concerned about.

3. Blood Spots on the Sheets: If you are keeping up your house then you wash your bedroom sheets with some regularity. Should you start to see little blood spots on the sheets then there is a probability that you have a bed bug infestation. At that point, you will want to go and check out the mattress to see if it has blood spots and if bed bugs are hiding in the creases.

4. Feces: Bed bugs are like any other creature and leave behind their own trails of fecal matter. It is hard to say that you would not see the blood spots but find fecal matter from the bed bugs, but it is possible. The fecal matter spots are no bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen. So the can be easily missed. There is a stench that is created when a bed bug infestation gets out of control.

5. Eggs: Again, if you are not seeing the blood spots or fecal matter first then you might not be seeing the eggs and nymphs. The eggs are small, 1mm in size, and a yellowish/clear colored. Bed bugs can lay 1 to 3 eggs per day, so if you are seeing eggs then you need to get help immediately.

Worst case infestations it will become really clear you have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs will start to be visible more than just at night. You might notice them looking for food (your blood) during the daytime. They could start to spill out from their hiding places and show up on the walls, side tables, curtains, etc.

Bed bugs are a resilient bug and not susceptible to over the consumer based chemical treatments. It is in your best interest to contact a professionally trained and experienced pest control company to help get rid of your bed bug problem.



What Are Some Bed Bug Signs? in Sevierville TN

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