What are these bugs with pincers? EarwigsIf you spend any time out in the yard, especially in your garden then you are bound to see some thin little blackish bugs with pincers on them. They look pretty sinister and something you might want to stay away from.

So, what are these bugs with pincers?

In all likely hood what you are spotting around your house are Earwigs. Earwigs are insects that like to feed on dead plant material. This is why you will often find them in mulch and garden areas. The earwig is generally a nocturnal insect, so it will hide during the day in some cracks, crevices, and under items until it is night time. Then it will start to move about and feed. Earwigs, generally, do not do enough eating to cause any damage to gardens or your home. If your earwig problem is relatively minor, a few here or there, then you can go about your work ignoring the earwig. Should you have a regular perimeter pest control treatment then often times that will keep the earwigs from getting close to, or into the house.

Sometimes earwigs will find a way into the house, which can be somewhat freaky. If mulch or some other plant matter is bringing the earwigs close to the house they can often find a crack on the exterior of the house that can eventually enable them to get into the house. If this seems to be the case all one needs to do is seal the cracks you suspect are giving access to the earwig. Another option to help keep earwigs from the house would be to move mulch and other dead plant material away from the house.

You probably do not want to squash a batch of earwigs in your home as their defense mechanism is a yellow liquid that puts out a pretty good stench. Suppose that will also be a good way to identify them by their stink if you are still unsure.

So How Did Earwigs Get Their Name?

With a name like ‘earwig’ one has to wonder whether this bug has something to do with ears. People often ask, “Do earwigs get into your ear?”

The common name of ‘earwig’ comes from the Old English terms of ‘eare’ & ‘wicga’ which mean ‘ear’ and ‘insect’ respectively. That name is thought be derived from an old wives tale that earwigs would burrow into someones brain through the ear canal and lay their eggs. Pretty gross stuff. Reminds me of a scene from Star Trek 2, the Wrath of Khan. Earwigs do not seek out human ears to climb into, however, there have been a few reports of this happening over time.

There are many things to worry about in the world, earwigs are generally not one of them.

This said, if you notice an infestation of earwigs showing up in or around your home and you want to get rid of them. 1. Look to move away some of the dead plant matter that they are most likely feeding on. 2. Give your local Sevierville Knoxville area pest professional, like us, a call to do a perimeter or interior treatment to get rid of the bugs.

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