If you are running around outside or driving with the windows down in the car you are at risk to swallow a bug. But is the consumption of a bug going to be a risk to your health?

Is it safe to swallow a bug?

Smaller gnats and flies are most likely what you would swallow. In this case, you are not going to do harm to your body. It is less probable, but you could swallow a bee or a wasp. If you were allergic to a bee or wasp sting and accidentally swallowed one of the insects it could be an immediate life-threatening condition.

In this Wall Street Journal video, Dr. Bobbi Pritt highlights that it is a concern to be vigilant not to swallow fleas or beetles. These can be in your home and in your food and can transfer tapeworms (among other parasites).

Around the world, it is a common food source to eat bugs. In some circles, the consumption of bugs is seen as a positive as it is a rapidly renewable food resource. Let’s hope that we choose insects to eat versus insects that choose to be eaten by us.

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