Ants forming a trail in a houseAnts are some of the most persistent insects we have to deal with here in Eastern TN. They’re some of the hardest pests to get rid of completely because of their ability to adapt and alter their routes into our houses. Even when we think we’ve cleared out every ant in sight, a new trail can form within days. So, why exactly is this, and what can we do about it? If you’re looking for at-home ant control advice for your recurring infestations, read on for advice from the ant exterminators at Johnson Pest Control!

Why Doesn’t My At-Home Ant Control Work?

The problem with the easy DIY ant controls strategies we know about is that they’re designed to attack the symptoms of the problem, not the source. When we find an ant trail forming inside, the first instinct that many of us have is to squash them or spray them with some kind of store-bought ant control product. These strategies will only delay your problem or make it worse. This is because ants release a pheromone signal when they die to warn their colony members of a place of danger that they should avoid. When other invading ants sense this signal, they will divert their approach to enter your home through a different access point. Because of how stealthy ants are, they can surely find another path!

Ant Removal Strategies You Can Count On

You’re surely wondering what you can do on your own to get rid of ants if you can’t squash or spray them. It’s crucial to make your property less hospitable to ants in the first place, so follow these steps to discourage any further ant activity:

  • Follow their path: If you can trace the ant trail in your home back to the entry point, you can close off the hole with caulk, a screen, or by spraying a citrus-based cleaner to deter them, depending on where the hole is.
  • Keep them away from food and water: Ants are usually streaming into your home because they’ve found a source of food or water via crumbs, spills, open food containers, or pooling water on the floor. Make sure to clean up messes promptly, store your food in sealed containers, and keep your bathroom well-ventilated.
  • Hire an ant exterminator: An ant control professional will be able to trace your infestation back to the ant hill it’s coming from. Getting rid of your ant hill is the only way to ensure the ants never come back, and an ant exterminator is trained to do this completely and efficiently.

Expert Home Ant Control in Eastern TN

If you can’t catch a break dealing with your ant problem, it’s time to get the experts involved. Our ant exterminators at Johnson Pest Control are equipped with industry-leading tools and strategies to help you locate your ant hill, eliminate the colony within, and show you how to keep ants out going forward. For a free quote or to learn more about ant control, reach out to us today!

Why Are Ants Coming Back in My House? in Sevierville TN

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