Asian lady beetles get inside Sevierville TN homes in the fall - Johnson Pest ControlAsian ladybugs are commonly mistaken for ladybugs, but these two insects are different! The Asian lady beetle is considered to be a common pest here in Sevierville in the fall. This is because the insects will congregate outside properties on warm sunny afternoons. From there, they have been known to make their way into your home as well as make themselves at home once indoors! They may be found in attics, wall voids, on siding, and are attracted to light. These beetles normally enter homes on the southern and western exposures (sunny side) of structures. The team at Russell’s Pest Control is here to help shed some light on this common autumn pest problem—keep reading to learn more!

What Do Asian Lady Beetles Look Like?

Asian lady beetles are usually confused for normal ladybugs. However, they are slightly larger than native species. The coloration of this beetle varies from mustard-yellow to a dark reddish-orange. The key identifying marks on this beetle are two white, oval markings on the pronotum (just behind its head) along with an occasional M-shaped marking on the pronotum. The biggest difference between Asian lady beetles and ladybugs is their behavior as the beetles look to enter homes in the fall.

How to Prevent a Fall Asian Lady Beetle Infestation

Before the first frost, adult Asian lady beetles begin to seek shelter to spend the winter. This is why fall infestations are so common as they flock to the sides of your home in the sun. To prevent the insects from getting inside, try out the following tips:

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, utility pipes, siding, behind chimneys, and around any other openings.
  • Repair or replace damaged screens on doors and windows.
  • Replace the weather stripping around windows and doors.
  • Consider planting mums in your garden or around your home. These beetles are not fans of the plants and will avoid them at all costs.
  • Another all-natural deterrent is citrus or citronella scents. Make a spray with orange or lemon essential oil diluted with water, and spray around your windows or doors.

Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

If Asian lady beetles have already entered your home, use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up, and dispose of them in a sealed plastic bag. These bugs are capable of biting, but their bite is typically harmless. Like other bugs, they will release an odorous scent when crushed, and their stains can discolor items in your home. For more help with Asian lady beetles, the residential exterminators at Johnson are happy to help. Contact us today!

Asian Lady Beetles in the Fall in Sevierville TN

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