Identifying different types of wasp nests in Sevierville TN - Johnson Pest ControlEveryone knows that insects are at full-force in the summer. One of the most common summer pests here in the Sevierville area is the wasp! There are several different types of wasps common to the area, and they all build different types of nests. Some wasps are more aggressive than others and can sting repeatedly. This makes it important to learn about the different characteristics of wasp nests. If you notice any of the below wasp nests in or around your yard, always exercise caution. Keep reading for expert tips from the team at Johnson Pest Control on how to identify different types of wasp nests.

Common Wasp Nests in Tennessee

Many wasps are confused for yellowjackets, but they’re all different in several ways. The easiest way to identify them is to learn what their nests look like:

  • Mud daubers
    • Their nests are built be female members
    • These nests consist of short mud tubes
    • Often appear to look like an organ pipe
    • Often found under eaves, garages, attics, or on the sides of buildings
  • Yellowjackets
    • Made out of a papery material and have a single opening
    • Interior contains hundreds of cells for eggs
    • Some types nest underground, often with thousands of members
    • Otherwise build nests in hollow trees, under porches, and a number of other areas

Wasp nest information in Sevierville TN - Johnson Pest Control

  • Bald-faced hornets
    • Nests are typically at least three feet off the ground
    • Built out of chewed wood fibers mixed with saliva
    • Can grow to the size of a football or basketball
    • Usually in trees, bushes, or wooded areas, but also can be on buildings
  • Paper wasps
    • Look like upside-down umbrellas
    • These nests are more open, with visible cells at times
    • They are typically supported by a single stalk and made out of a papery substance
    • Found beneath eaves of structures, in attics and wall voids, and in other enclosed areas

    What Should You Do When You See a Wasp Nest?

    If you notice a wasp nest forming on or near your property, it’s safest to be cautious around it. Even when a nest appear dormant or empty, there still could be lingering stinging insects inside. When it comes to defending their nests, certain wasps can become very aggressive and either chase or sting you—repeatedly. For that reason alone, it’s best to always enlist the help of your local wasp removal experts at Johnson when you have a wasp nest problem.

Different Types of Wasp Nests in Sevierville TN

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