Fire ants are moving further and further into Tennessee each year. WSMV news out of Nashville, covers some of the basics of fire ants. One of the things in the new story that was not mentioned specifically, but a good practice to keeping out fire ants. Always check with your landscaper or nursery when bringing new trees, bushes, or mulch into your yard that there is not a presence of fire ants. If fire ants are making home in the nursery then they will know and you can make appropriate actions for treatment or buying elsewhere until they are no longer a concern.

Fire Ants in Tennessee - Johnson Pest ControlOne thing is for sure, fire ants are in Tennessee for good. We are not going to be getting rid of fire ants completely any time soon. We can however keep fire ants from invading our house with a little vigilance and asking some good questions.

Another good place to go is to visit University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture site on fire ants, as well the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s site pages on imported fire ants.

Fire Ants in Tennessee in Sevierville TN

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