Child With Multiple Mosquito BitesWhen it comes to spring and summer mosquito bites are just part of landscape. It isn’t a question of ‘if’ you are going to get bitten, but ‘when’. So having a plan on treating those pesky mosquito bites is good planning.

Here are some of the best methods on how to treat a mosquito bite

  1. Wash the bite: Might be a simple start to treating a mosquito bite, but washing the bite with soap and water will help to remove any excess irritants.
  2. Rub on some Ice: Grab an ice cube or two and place onto the bite. This will help to knock down any swelling or sting.
  3. Cream the bite: Always have some antihistamine stick or cream around. You can get many versions of this over the counter at your local pharmacy or grocery store. If you find yourself without a antihistamine then home remedy options could include a cold compress with a green tea bag on the bite. The cold will help with the itch and the tea bag helps with the inflammation. Using an oatmeal wash can also help with the inflammation.
  4. Scotch tape the bite: If you have kids then you know that you can never tell them enough to ‘stop scratching the mosquito bites’. If the bite is scratched too hard it can break open and possibly get infected. Putting some scotch tape over the bite will help give a reminder to not scratch the bite. It is also smooth enough that if you do scratch it will not irritate it too badly.
  5. Grow some aloe: Have a little aloe plant growing in the kitchen or outside. You can break off a piece of the aloe plant and rub it mosquito bite. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to keep swelling down.
  6. Take a bath: If your case of mosquito bites are really bad then set up a bath in oatmeal, epsom salt, or baking soda to help alleviate the pain.

Mosquito bites can happen without noticing them, especially for the kids. Have a nice stash of items in the house ready to tend to some bites as you get in from some outside fun.

If you are around your own home and experience problems with mosquitoes then give us a call and we can do a thorough mosquito treatment on your yard.

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