A family barbeque outside in the summer - keep pests away from your home with Johnson Pest Control in TN

With this weekend’s festivities surrounding the July 4th holiday upcoming there a few things that you can bet on happening; fireworks, grilling, and bug bites.

We at Johnson Pest Control do not know much about fireworks, other than that we like them. However, we do have a grilling secret to keep the bugs away that you can implement this weekend (or anytime really). Be your next party’s ultimate grill master & leave your guests bug free. It is a win win!

The Secret is In the Herbs

The secret is simple and yet awesome. Yes, you can put herbs onto your grilled meats to make them taste spectacular, but more magic happens when throw those herbs onto the grill by themselves.

Here is how:

  • When you go on your grocery food run pick up some Rosemary and Sage herbs in their raw form.
  • Bundle the sage and rosemary together and soak them in water. A few minutes of soaking can work just fine.
  • Start your grill or charcoal
  • Once you have that initial burn phase crossed put the bundle of herbs on charcoal or the grill. The water will help to ‘smoke’ the herbs.
  • The smoke and scent of the herbs will smell amazing and your guests will think you are a totally awesome grill master.
  • The smoke and the scent will actually help to repel some mosquitoes and other insects that otherwise would be attracted to the area.
  • Proceed with your regular grill awesomeness after that knowing that you secretly set up your party for an ultimate outdoor food experience.

We hope you all enjoy and a safe and joyful 4th of July weekend. And we hope that our little grill trick helps you enjoy things even more.

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