Remove standing water from bird baths to help prevent mosquitoes in your Sevierville TN home - Johnson Pest ControlApril is National Pest Month, and the pest season is just beginning! In the months ahead here in the Sevierville area, pest problems are going to become more and more frequent. With the weather warming up, mosquitoes are a huge threat for homeowners. Thankfully, there are several things you can to lessen the risk of getting mosquitoes in your yard.

The mosquito control experts at Johnson Pest Control are sharing their top mosquito prevention tips in honor of National Pest Month–read on to learn more!

Top Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquitoes can be a big nuisance in the warmer months of year. But they’re much more than a nuisance–they can be dangerous, too! To protect you and your family from mosquitoes in the coming months, implement the following mosquito prevention tips into your home maintenance routine:

    1. Keep a tidy yard. Regularly maintain your garden and lawn to keep the grass short. Also trim back all plants and bushes to prevent mosquito resting spots
    2. Eliminate standing water. Dump out standing water in buckets, flower pots, bird baths, tarps, and more. Mosquitoes use standing water to breed!
    3. Install screens on your windows and doors. Doing this can save you the grief of getting mosquitoes inside every time you open a window or door.
    4. Add fish to your ponds and agitate the water. Certain types of fish will feed on mosquito larvae. Also consider placing an agitator, which will stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.
    5. Get the air moving! Mosquitoes hate wind and are not strong fliers. Use fans to help force them away from your outdoor spaces and patios.

Preventing Mosquito Bites

One of the biggest concerns of mosquitoes is their bites, which can be dangerous. Whether you’re camping or going to a nearby lake, it’s important to do your best to prevent mosquitoes when outside. Some ways you can do this include:

      • Avoid going outdoors at dusk and dawn, which is when mosquitoes are most active.
      • Try to stay away from swampy areas or spots with standing water.
      • Wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants.
      • Following the manufacturer’s instructions, apply an EPA-registered insect repellent.

Professional Mosquito Prevention

If you have done all you can to prevent mosquitoes in your yard but still notice them, it’s time to call your professional mosquito exterminators. At Johnson, we understand how frustrating mosquitoes are and will work with you to develop a custom mosquito prevention plan. Give our team a call today!

Mosquito Prevention Tips and Tricks in Sevierville TN

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