The National Pest Management Association is putting together new information to promote the image of the pest control industry. Did you know that without the use of pesticides there would be more illnesses? That’s right. Tammy Johnson with Johnson Pest Control stated, “We want to inform kids that one of the causes of allergies is from cockroaches. There is a lot about bugs that kids need to know. People will tell children that pesticides are all bad but if pesticides are applied according to the label and applied by professionals who had the training to do it correctly, it can only help us. Without pesticides there would be an increase in West Niles Virus a disease spread through mosquitoes.”

To help kids understand better the use of pesticides Johnson Pest Control has added a link on their web site just for kids. In addition, the staff from Johnson Pest Control are planning on visiting area schools to spread the word to provide kids a quality education on pesticides. They plan to talk to kids from kindergarten through fifth grade.

According to Johnson, each student who participates will receive a special “Official Pest Detective Cetificate.”

The website will also feature interactive games and a site for teachers to prepare lesson plans as well as listing general information about the pest industry. For more information you can call 453-7587 or check out the website at

It’s a cool site and you’ll want to check it out. Just click on the kids section of the website but be sure to get permission from your parents before going to this or any other website.

Did you Know that the world health organization attributes increases in the human life span over the last 100 years to three things? They are:

1)   Better pharmaceuticals

2)   Better Sanitation

3)   Better Pest Control

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