Do It Yourself Fly Traps

DIY Mosquito Trap (with Solar Panel Option)

This guy has some pretty simple set ups for capturing mosquitoes, but he also has the most expensive options. Depending on what you have in your garage or work shed you might already be able to put something like what he has here together. If you are worried about electric usage then he even throws in a solar powered option for getting rid of mosquitos.

More Mosquito Fans

Here is another version of the mosquito fan and screen set up.

Instant Fruit Fly Trap

This little bug trick we’ve seen before. It can work. It can also get pretty nasty, so don’t leave one of these hanging around on the counter top for days. You probably shouldn’t try to clean it out and use it again either, just toss it and start with a new one.

Homemade Fly Trap

Same technique as the fruit fly trap. You will want to change up the baiting mixture and amount of bait to capture flies.

Mosquito Trap With a Twist

This guy has the same 2-liter bottle set up, but his concoction of brown sugar, yeast and water he says will work with mosquitoes. This could be the makings of some fun experiment to see which bottle set up gets the different bugs.

Milk Jug Fly Trap

This particular trap doesn’t a whole lot of effort to make happen. You could likely create this one before you go to bed this evening.

Organic Fly and Mosquito Control

This gal has all kinds of tricks for getting rid of mosquitoes and flies around your yard. Most of them seem to be commercial products you can buy, but you can also go about creating a number of them on your own.

Natural Mosquito Repellant

This is pretty simple. Seriously simple. The trick might be to try it out and see how many limes you need to repel mosquitos around your home.

We hope you have some fun ideas to try out at home. Remember, if you have a problem that persists or gets invasive then do not hesitate to call us here at Johnson Pest Control.