What brown marmorated stink bugs look like in Eastern TN - Johnson Pest ControlMany people here in Eastern Tennessee have come to us asking questions about the amount of stink bugs that they’ve seen around their home over the last few years. They have been around for a little while now, but it seems like their numbers just keep growing. What exactly are these stink bugs, and why are they multiplying so quickly? Read on to learn more about them with help from the technicians at Johnson Pest Control!

What Are Stink Bugs?

There are some species of stink bugs native to the United States, but brown marmorated stink bugs are the ones that are taking over. They were accidentally introduced to the country after being brought over on Eastern Asian cargo ships in the 1990s. Since they were documented in Pennsylvania almost 30 years ago, they have spread to most of the continental United States and are projected to spread across our entire continent, given that they have almost no natural predators here.

Brown marmorated stink bugs can be differentiated from other stink bugs by their brown coloring and scattered markings of black, white, and brown on their backs and antennae. They have a characteristic shield-shaped body and are usually about ½” long.

Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Brown marmorated stink bugs will bite on very rare occasions, and their bites won’t do more than cause temporary pain. Stink bugs aren’t dangerous, but they are aptly named. Their main defense mechanism comes by way of the release of a foul-smelling gas from their scent glands. This reaction is usually triggered by grabbing, touching, or trapping them.

Stink bugs are probably in your home looking for plants or produce. They are infamous in the agricultural industry for extracting nutrients from crops. Here in the states, they have plentiful resources and barely any inhibiting factors keeping them from proliferating.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Eastern Tennessee

It’s much easier to prevent stink bugs than to get rid of them once they’re in your home. You can keep them out best by using screens in your ventilation system, sealing gaps by doors in windows and cracks in plumbing fixtures, and making sure that your roofing and foundation are completely intact. Stink bugs in the house are best dealt with using a vacuum cleaner.

That said, we know how quickly a small stink bug problem can turn into a huge one. If you have an infestation on your hands right now, no matter the size, your local pest control company can take care of them. The technicians at Johnson Pest Control are trained with the best strategies and products to get rid of stink bugs and can teach you how to best prevent them around your unique home. For a free quote on stink bug removal, contact us today!

What Are These Stink Bugs? in Sevierville TN

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