Fire ants are growing in population throughout the southeast. If you have not had an experience with fire ants then count your blessings. These colonies of fire ants will swarm onto you, a child, a pet with unbelievable speed. Fire ants will then sting you (sometimes biting you to anchor themselves to sting you better) in the most unpleasant of experiences.

They are no fun.

If you find fire ants on your property the best method for dealing with these pests is to pay someone else to risk getting bit. In all seriousness, you can pick up some mound insecticide, bait, or water based insecticide to apply to a colony as directed.

What Not To Do

What we would suggest as a “What not to do with a fire ant mount” but find really cool is what the folks at AntHillArt are doing. They are pouring molten aluminum into various ant colonies to create these unique, rather fascinating, creations of “art”. The handling of hot molten aluminum is something that we, or any normal person, can suggest as NOT a good idea. The pouring of hot molten aluminum into a fire ant mount is probably equally NOT a good idea. That said, these folks are doing it and the results are really neat.

Here are the folks at AntHillArt creating a sculpture out of a fire ant mound.

Do not try this at home. We believe this is done by trained professionals. Though we are not exactly sure how one becomes a professional at this.

So next time you might run across a fire ant mound, feel free to think about this solution to get rid of ants, but do not actually do it. Watch the video and just give us a call to come help you out.

What Not to Do With A Fire Ant Mound in Sevierville TN

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