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The wildlife removal experts here at Johnson know how distressing a nuisance wildlife problem can be on your property. Animals passing through are completely normal, so how do you know when you need wildlife trapping service? In general, it’s always best to call a professional when you have a wild animal problem persisting in or on your property. It is never safe to approach a wild animal on your own, let alone try to capture it! The team at Johnson uses commercial-grade traps to safely and humanely catch and release several types of wildlife in the Sevierville TN area.

Trapping Nuisance Wildlife in Tennessee

Nuisance wildlife on your property can lead to a number of problems, including property damage and the potential spread of disease or bacteria. There are many types of wild animals in our area that could inadvertently make their way into or onto your home. The wildlife we provide wildlife trapping service for include:

Types of Wildlife Trapping Methods

Trapping nuisance wildlife always requires the help of a professional. Wild animals on your property can be much more aggressive than you may think–even the cute ones! Nuisance wildlife can be aggressive toward people, especially if they are near their nests or defending their offspring. We enlist several types of wildlife trapping techniques. Our process includes the following steps

  1. We will send a trained wildlife removal specialist our to perform an inspection of the problem. 
  2. Our specialist will identify any potential entry points and determine the best solution to remove the wild animals.
  3. We will use humane types of wildlife trapping methods to relocate the animal.
  4. From there, we can offer our wildlife exclusion services to ensure you don’t have another wild animal problem.

Humane Wildlife Trapping Service

At Johnson Pest Control, we understand the sensitivity of using only the safest, most humane types of wildlife trapping techniques. Our team is committed to safely relocating animals on your property. We also understand the urgency involved with these situations, which is why we can get our wildlife removal specialists out to you ASAP. To learn more about our wildlife trapping service or to get a free quote, contact our team today!

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Wildlife Trapping Service in Sevierville TN

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