Squirrel on roof in Eastern TN | Squirrel trapping & removal services by Johnson Pest ControlIn Eastern Tennessee, we’re all accustomed to squirrels running around outdoors. For the most part, the sight of squirrels scampering around is a welcomed one—that is, until they invade our properties. Squirrels can potentially cause quite a bit of damage with their activities, especially when they make their way indoors. No one wants to deal with trying to get rid of these rodents on their own, which is why it’s imperative to always contact your local squirrel trapping & removal experts to do the job for you. At Johnson Pest Control, our licensed and trained experts know the best methods for trapping squirrels in a way that is safe for all involved.

Trapping Squirrels in Eastern Tennessee

When it comes to dealing with squirrels, it’s important to remember that they’re rodents just like mice and rats. This means they have ever-growing incisor teeth that encourage them to constantly chew and gnaw on things. Needless to say, this can make for a dangerous situation if you have squirrels in or near your property. Some of the main reasons to get professional squirrel removal include the following dangers of a squirrel infestation.

  • Damaged wires. Squirrels often create fire hazards by chewing through electrical wires.
  • Hazardous droppings. Squirrel waste can contain harmful bacteria or pathogens. It can also be foul-smelling and difficult to clean.
  • Wood damage. Squirrels will gnaw on your walls and structural beams until they are trapped.
  • Nesting materials. Squirrels will damage materials in your attic to make a nest or bring in leaves and twigs from outside.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels Safely

If you are hearing squirrels in your attic or on your roof, it’s time to get professional squirrel removal. Squirrels are just as unpredictable as any other wild animal, making it important to not attempt trapping any squirrels on your own. At Johnson Pest Control, we train our wildlife removal team to conduct the most humane squirrel trapping services in the area. Along with removing active squirrels and debris from your house safely and sanitarily, we will identify access points and vulnerabilities on your property to help you steer clear of future infestations.

Humane Squirrel Removal Services

Bottom line: it can be dangerous for both you and the animal to attempt to get rid of squirrels on your own. Our squirrel trapping experts will work to provide you with safe, effective squirrel removal from the attic, roof, or other areas of your property. Contact our wildlife control team today to keep your property safe from squirrels year-round!

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