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Termite Damage

Termite colonies reach maturity after 5 years of activity and can cause extensive damage to a property. Annually, termites cause an estimated 5 billion dollars in damages nationwide.

Signs of termite damage include the appearance of damaged or hollowed-out wood, floors or ceilings that appear swollen, peeling paint, damaged insulation, and more.

Termite repair after an infestation is costly. Although minor cosmetic damage can be repaired by property owners, the average cost to repair structural damage to a home is $3,000.

To obtain a WDI report, a thorough inspection of your property is performed by a professional pest control company. The report findings will document the presence or absence of termites on the property.

Termites are capable of damaging many elements in and around your home. They will damage any wood that contains cellulose. This includes fences, decks, support beams, flooring, cabinets, piles of lumber, fallen logs, outdoor furniture, and more.

If a previous termite problem has been addressed, it is safe to purchase a home that once had a termite infestation. Provided that precautions are taken and a WDI report is provided, past termite damage is safe and perfectly normal.

Depending on the extent of termite damage, it can most always be repaired by yourself or a professional. If you have extensive damage, it’s vital to obtain the help of a professional contractor. Wood damage should always be addressed by an expert.