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Termite Prevention

Annual termite inspections are essential in preventing an infestation in your home or business. Between inspections, perform regular inspections of your property to detect signs of termites.

There are several natural termite control methods that include orange oil, cardboard traps, and diatomaceous earth.  Unfortunately, natural methods will not work to control an active infestation in your home.

Utilizing termite-resistant building materials, avoiding earth-to-wood contact, and directly treating the lumber used to construct homes are a few methods builders use to prevent termites in new homes.

Termite prevention costs may vary depending on the frequency of service. However, investing in termite prevention will save you from the high costs associated with a termite infestation.

Not only can termites cause structural damage to your home, they can also harm your lawn and garden. Avoid excess moisture, piles of wood, and periodically inspect your patio or deck for signs of termites.

When a termite infestation is detected, it’s essential to contact a professional pest control company right away. To prevent termites entirely, repair moisture issues and avoid decaying wood problems.

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